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Easy Step By Step Gel Nail Polish Tutorial For Beginners

It’s never too hard to color your nails just like you might have seen at the salon. You just need clean nails and a gel nail polish starter kit. So, here are the steps if you would be applying the polish all by yourself.

Prepare your nails

Once you have washed your hands and have dried them thoroughly, you should push back the cuticles. This step can easily be done with the help of the slanted side of the manicure stick. In case it’s tough to push the cuticles, then you should soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes.

When it’s time to shape your nails, file the edges in the way you desire. Apart from a square, or round shape, you can always try out another shape which resembles pointy nails. Later, you should buff the surface gently for a dull appearance. Depending on how well you file the nails, you can wipe off dust or wash your hands once again. Next, you should apply the coat on 4 fingers followed by the others and both the thumbs.

Apply Primer

Gel primer helps in making the surface sticky before you move to apply the gel polish. The quantity of primer depends on the type of nails you have. For instance, if you have oily nails then you would require primer more than the usual amount. You can either apply the solution by moving the brush in a circular way or simply around the tip of the nail. Just ensure that you use little quantity. Later, you should allow the primer to dry naturally for 30 seconds.

Apply the base coat

Now consider four fingers (leaving behind the thumb) and start applying the base coat. To prevent chipping, make sure that you use the brush along the tip. Don’t come near the cuticles or the skin. In case if you do so, then you need to clean up the polish with a manicure stick before curing. After a few brush strokes, place the fingers under the UV lamp and wait for 15 seconds. While the nails are getting dried, you shouldn’t touch the nails. Rather, you should allow the coat to stick on the surface.

Apply Gel Polish

As soon as you are about to apply gel nail polish, shake the bottle with the lid at the open end. Follow the aforementioned step once again for applying the coat. In this situation, allow the surface to dry for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds. Depending on the color saturation, you can try painting the nails with just one coat. But, we suggest you apply at least two coats and cure every coat for half a minute.

Apply the top coat

Finally, when it’s time for the topmost coat, you should apply a thin layer. Be very much careful and see to it that the brush stroke is not near the cuticles or the skin even along the sides. While you are following this step, a deeper shade might surprise you. At that instance, you should stay calm because everything is normal as the brush becomes moist with the color. If required, you can wipe the brush with the help of a kitchen roll or a lint-free wipe. Consider this tip before you dip the brush inside the gel polish bottle.

Lastly, for the stunning effect, you should wipe your nails. You can either use a gel cleaner or a lint-free wipe. While these are the steps for a manicure, you can repeat them for a pedicure as well. Just manage to move with the other foot once you’re done with the first one.
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Top 5 Hot Selling Perfumes by Mocemsa

Whoever said that style is only about the clothes that one wears? Well, a lady with a real sense of style can be identified by the hot selling perfumes that she selects and uses.
Selecting top of the line original perfumes in India, particularly for the summer months, is an art. Despite the sweltering heat, selecting the right perfume is helpful in more than one ways.
Here are some tips on how to select best selling perfumes in India to be your stylish best, always.
Selecting the Scent that Represents You
While selecting a perfume, it is essential that you relate to the scent and that it represents you since it is going to be your signature style. Some hot selling perfumes are fruity, while others are floral and then there are those that are exotic.
hot selling perfumes
hot selling perfumes
Hot selling perfumes by Mocemsa
Concentration is Vital to Balance Things Out
A perfume’s concentration is vital and it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to this aspect. For those who love to stand out in a room or really identify with a fragrance, then a stronger concentration is recommended.
Those of you who believe that subtly is ladylike can select milder concentrations that leave a subtle hint of the perfume that lingers. At the same time, the perfume must be able to make the wearer feel confident and dignified.
An Oud Collection that Will Enhance Your Mood
The best part of selecting hot selling perfumes is that is that once you wear the perfume it will enhance your mood. The right perfume cannot just enhance your mood, but liven your spirit and bring out the playful side inside you that never sees the light of day.
Perfumes can help boost your confidence, look and feel pretty and own your personality and flaunt it to the world. If this is isn’t good enough for you, a splash of your favourite perfume won’t just make you look more attractive because confident women are the most attractive women around.
Some of the Best Perfumes from Mocemsa’s Collection
Here’s a look at top 5 hot selling perfumes for men and women by Mocemsa that is completely irresistible.

Royal, a signature perfume of Mocemsa is made from Brazil’s famous pink pepper, Bulgarian roses, and iris with a vanilla base.
Mystic Ocean is another one of the hot selling perfumes that are the perfect blend of the citrus, which is mysterious yet, interestingly, soothing at the same time.
Love Berry is a popular hot selling perfume in India made from green melon, Sicilian lemon, and red berries, which encapsulates the beauty of youth.
Water Lily is the perfect choice if one is in search of a fragrance which is fresh which is a combination of white lotus, rosewater, carnations and other beautiful flowers and for those who like floral scents, this is the perfect one for you.
Be Naughty is meant for women who really confident and not afraid to be flirty and this perfume is a combination of Moroccan jasmine, Japanese Osmanthus and other flowers that makes one come alive and live on the edge.

It goes without saying, try on new hot selling perfumes , and it is definitely going to be a new experience for you. Mocemsa’s new collection of fragrances for men and women are completely irresistible.

Top Tips to Follow Before Using Best Dark Tanning Lotions

What thoughts come to your mind when you think of the summer at first? Sun, sand, surf, fun and perfectly bronzed skin? Summers are all about elevated moods, enthusiasm and more time outdoors. But, most people usually have time for a suntan, and most prefer to bask in the sun once they already have a good tan. It is the very reason many prefer tanning at a salon or home.

Tanning is in these days, as most young people feel they looked better after getting a tan. So, the secret behind a beautiful tan is opting for the best indoor tanning lotions, which do not spread and offer great results within no time. Many of the indoor tanners are made up of natural ingredients such as walnut shell extract, coconut extract, green tea extract and other natural oils. You should use these lotions in the tanning beds, remember never to use regular suntan lotions while tanning indoors. It is because they damage the acrylic material used in the manufacturing of tanning beds.

Indoor tanning lotions, moisturize and condition your skin. They contain natural oils, antioxidants and botanical extracts which plump up your skin with extra moisture. So, you get a deeper and richer tan that lasts for a long time.

What you need to do before going for a tan?

Skin patch test: It is important to always test a product before use on a section of your skin. You ought to do this every time you use a new product, even though if it says, “For sensitive skin,” you can’t take a chance with your skin.

Color Patch test: So, you bought a new color and are super excited to give it a try. One minute! Just because the product gave a nice tan to your friend, does not mean you will get the same results. It is better to go for a patch test for color and ensure it looks good on you. Nothing will look more unattractive than an orange person.

Indoor use: Some manufacturers label their tanners as suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but we recommend not to use a product in the direct sunlight. It will damage your skin, so tan indoors and ensure to use sunscreen when you go out to prevent sunburns.

Do not use tanners on children: Children have delicate skin if compared to that of adults. Hence it should be protected. It is better to consult a specialist to find out which product will suit them.

Wash hands after use: Wash your hands after using the lotion, as it will prevent discoloration on the fingers.

So, these are our top tips to remember while using best dark tanning lotion
Tanning is in these days, as most young people feel they looked better after getting a tan. So, the secret behind a beautiful tan is opting for the best indoor tanning lotions, which do not spread and offer great results within no time.So, these are our top tips to remember while using best dark tanning lotion .

Facial Cleanser For a Healthy And Glowing Skin

Facial cleansers are the foundation of a good skin care regimen. They purify the skin of dirt, debris, and other pollutants that regularly clog pores and make tegument appear dull. Without a good facial cleanser to get skin totally and properly cleaned, skin problems are very likely to occur. Different types of skins always require different types of face cleansers. It is not a good idea for those with oily skin to use a non-soap facial cleanser meant for sensitive skin and expect to effectively drive away oily residue. Those with acne prone skin are not recommended to use a face cleanser for dry skin, as it is likely to be too heavy and enable pore clogging.

It is common for many cleansing products to offer multiple benefits these days. Buy facial cleansers online for a healthy and glowing skin are available in the market for the reduction of redness. On certain online stores, there are even natural and organic facial cleansers that deliver an anti-ageing boost to your tegument. Along with cleaning the skin, these products deliver ingredients that help condition tegument and make it the best it can be in an entirely natural way. A facial cleanser in the form of cream can be the best bet for dry skin, delivering moisturizing compounds that other soaps would otherwise take away from the skin. When used in conjunction with other moisturizing products, the ultimate result is evenly balanced and smooth skin.

Real reviews online

Finding the best face cleanser for healthy and glowing skin can somewhat seem like a challenge. While some opt for products like commercial Clean and Clear Face Cleanser, there are others that will promote natural and handmade Facial Cleansers. Websites that dedicate themselves to product reviews can often help narrow down choices by exploring and providing product information. Reviews done by those who have had personal experience with a product can also help in choosing the right cleanser for you. Their positive or negative experiences truly help define the best facial cleansers in the market, as these reviewers have not been paid to promote the product.

Natural facial cleansers

There are many who prefer using a natural facial cleanser and for them, there are many natural and organic products available. All Natural Face Wash and other products made from natural ingredients can be a blessing for those with sensitive skin. Natural face cleansers that have no extra ingredients and chemicals have become extremely popular, as many are choosing to leave chemicals not only out of their diet but out of their skin care regimen as well. Binders and fragrances that once exacerbated many conditions are now left out in exchange for plant-based ingredients with curative and healing qualities.

Summing up

If you are looking to buy the best face cleansers for a healthy and glowing tegument then you need not look any further, Qtrove is at the vanguard of selling handmade and natural products. And if your idea of leading a sustainable and chemical-free life resonates with us, try Qtrove.
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Facial Sponge

Well, we all are aware of the expert qualities of a sponge. Sponges become the most important part of life for ladies and makeup experts. From makeup to cleaning, facial sponge has been there with you to take care of your skin and face. When you apply makeup using a makeup sponge, it gives you the right application of it and when you use it for cleaning the face and exfoliating your skin, again facial sponge gives the best result.

Whether it is about giving the face a professional look or cleaning the face and you want an expert or celebrity like impression, you need to use the sponge. Facial sponges are a great product and have many benefits of using it.

There are many benefits of using a facial sponge. So if you are also looking for the best facial sponge you can buy face sponge online India. Here are some of the reasons to use facial sponges.

Reasons to use facial sponge-

1. For cleaning the makeup-

After using your makeup sponge to get the professional finish makeup look, when you come back to home and start cleaning the face, you can use a facial sponge for cleaning the makeup. They are the best as they remove all the impurity and dirt which may get stuck in your face when you were outside of the house. It can also be used for removing the dead skin and blackheads.

2. Highly absorbent-

Facial sponges are highly absorbent. They can absorb dirt and impurities in them while you use them for cleaning the face. And after using each time you have to clean them, otherwise, they can develop bacteria and fungus. So make sure that you clean your sponge after every use and also before using.

3. Have natural cleaning properties-

The facial sponge of a good brand is made of non-latex material and made by using charcoal, which has cleaning properties in them. Many companies use charcoal and other natural products in facial sponges which result in the best purifying agent and make your face look glowy and clean.

4. Protect your face from bacteria-

Have you ever thought that why after cleaning the makeup next morning you find a pimple on your face? This is caused due to an attack of the bacteria on your face. Yes! It is the bacteria which causes a pimple on your face. When you use your hands to apply makeup or use an uncleaned makeup tool, it leaves the bacteria on your face and you develop a pimple. So it is better to use facial sponges for avoiding this.

5. Maintain your beauty regime-

It helps in maintaining your beauty regimes and other facial hygienes. You can buy it at very affordable rates through top cosmetics brands in India. They have a large variety of facial sponges and other sponges.
YBP Cosmetics is the largest and professional cosmetic brand where you can find a wide range of sponges, facial sponge and makeup sponges at extremely affordable rates.